17 July, 2011

This is the level to which blame game goes on. Please read the story on the link below and read my comments on the fact of the issue.



This story of CDFD blaming cops of not being able to collect samples is a perfect synonym for the hindi adage "NACHNE NAHI AAYA THO AANGAN THEDA". In fact CDFD forgot that me and NICFS, New Delhi held training programs regularly at NICFS for training Police of all states in sample collection. The manual was already authored by me and is being used by several Police Departments of various states. The so called manual or module is just going to be old wine in new bottle. In fact it is the CDFD which needs to pull up its socks in wake of reports that DNA reports contain typographical errors (as told to the Court by CBI in Aarushi Case) and further not having enough DNA testing expertise to establish identity of the dead bodies in the Mangalore Air Crash (as the family of Naveed Ibrahim Siraj from Udupi , who died in air crash at Bajpe, had refused to take the body of Naveed to their home, saying that the body identified is not of Naveed). Therefore releasing statements once in a way by the CDFD in the media will not add any value to the controversial DNA reports being trashed out by the public. The merit of the DNA testing is to make it stand on the floor of the trial and Apex Courts and not in the media.

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चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Unfortunately, in this country the news first goes to the media and then to the required places. The facts are twisted to the advantage of powers that be! Please continue to good job and let the posterity judge your work.