10 January, 2011

DNA experts failed Aarushi and misled the CBI

This blog comes after convincing myself, that inappropriate advice and lack of direction from so-called DNA experts of the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics or CDFD, Hyderabad has led CBI to get placed in such difficult state of affairs in the Aarushi Case. The foremost point of consideration is that the so-called experts were not experienced enough in Forensic DNA testing, but are qualified in Microbiology and Silk Worm Genetics and they do not possess any Forensic Science qualifications. (Read about their expertise at the link: http://cdfd.org.in/inside htmls/staff.html).Simply they are not aware that mixtures of DNA contamination need to be handled by experienced experts and not by any scientist just because he has read genetics. The CBI was grossly misled by the CDFD to believe that “TOUCH DNA TEST” would not be useful in coming to a conclusion. How did the CDFD realise that the samples in the Aarushi case were contaminated without actually testing the crime scene samples. It only goes to show that DNA experts just issued statements like politicians and walked away with it. Therefore CDFD to hide its inability to handle the case further misled CBI to believe that TOUCH DNA TEST would not yield results. The CDFD failed to update its knowledge and infrastructure in DNA Testing which could have helped to generate evidence in the Aarushi Case. I put forth an open challenge to DNA experts to an open debate on this subject because I am sure of my expertise and since I have used Touch DNA test before and its results were upheld by the Hon'ble Apex Court too.

Media reports regarding DNA tests done at Hyderabad reads "The CBI claim comes even as preliminary reports from Hyderabad's Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, according to sources, suggested that identifying whose blood was on the T-shirt may or may not be possible. Doubts stem from the opinion of experts that separating DNA fingerprints from garment after so many days is not always possible, because red blood cells on the cloth start disintegrating".

(Read more at :The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/CBI-still-has-no-real-proof-in-Aarushi-case/articleshow/3251910.cms#ixzz1Ac9uNYBl)

Nothing can be more unintelligent than this. The whole world knows and even a Middle school child knows today, that DNA can be isolated from extinct Dinosaur fossils which are more than 50 million year old. And our 'EXPERTS' say that 2 month old stain does not yield intact DNA.

In this regard, I request that some investigating authority within the CBI to peruse the case files pertaining to Magunta Subbarami Reddy murder case of Ongole wherein I, as a DNA expert had given a conclusive report by similar testing in 1990’s, despite the samples being contaminated by other human samples. The strong evidence was upheld by the Hon'ble Supreme Court as well, and the accused were sentenced for life.

What CBI did not realise was that different levels of experience and training plays a part in effective mixture interpretation and it is very Scientist specific and frankly CDFD does not have it. Untalented and inexperienced Scientists of India have failed Aarushi. May her soul rest in peace.