10 September, 2012

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Reply to comment | Deccan Chronicle
Let me reiterate again. Not a single DNA laboratory in India is worthy of analysing and reporting DNA testing. Not only this case, scores of cases are being falsely reported. Further sensational cases like these are being reported as 'inconclusive' or 'no DNA could be isolated". The present set of the so-called DNA experts have no expertise or skill. Tragedy is that the Judiciary is accepting DNA reports blindly without looking into the procedures being followed. Few Courts have thrown DNA reports out of the trial as being outdated or without following standards as laid down. Till such time some control is put in place and DNA experts are replaced, such cases of children being abused will abound in this country. My sincere regrets to all such suffering parents.

26 March, 2012


Scientists have identified three new genes that determine subtle variations in human eye color

04 January, 2012